When your pet leaves

My budgie is dying of a stroke. I’m feeling sad. I have taken her to the vet a few days before and she has stayed in the centre for specific treatment. After taking her back home, I thought she would get better. She did look better; she could eat, climb, fly…

But death said “no”, and took her progressively.

In most cases, a cerebral disease in birds leads to negative results. It is possible to treat, but some parts of the body may remain paralysed.

I’ve never seen a human suffering in a hospital bed until death (aside from movies). But I’ve had the experience of seeing birds dying and it’s very painful to watch.

Would it be better to let her go?

I don’t want to, but I don’t think I can help, if even the vet couldn’t.

So I must let her go. The only thing I wish is that she won’t suffer when dying.

Well, she’s suffering, actually. I feel very bad that I can’t do anything. Maybe it’s my fault. Maybe I could have done something earlier. I’m feeling a bit responsible. Maybe it’s her destiny. I don’t know. If only I had known about her disease earlier…

Please rest in peace, my friend.


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