Tiny steps count…a lot


Do you want to change ?

Changing is hard because it implies revising little things on a daily basis. I wanted to have a better life, be less anxious, and eat healthier. How come, after eight months, I still feel like I’m in the same position?

Now I’m starting to know why:

  • I depended too much on my motivation
  • I wanted drastic changes, right now
  • I viewed myself as a failure
  • I don’t even know who I am

So I asked Google senpai to help me: “Pleaaaseeee lead me to the right direction !“, and this blog by James Clear popped out. I just finished his free ebook Transform Your Habits.

I recommend it to people who also feel lost into building goals. The previous list above becomes a path to new solutions:

  • Motivation is NOT a source of daily habits. Repetition is what counts; what motivates you to brush your teeth? Not much; you just do it.
  • If you make drastic changes, chances are you’re going to be disappointed when you fail. Start as small as you can, so that it’s almost impossible to refuse.
  • You think you’re a failure, but is it a useful thought if you want to change your way of living?
  • You don’t know who you are; create your identity. This step is important if you want to start breaking bad habits and building new ones. All the things you do constantly are actually a result of who you are.


So, are you ready to walk on your own path with tiny steps ?



2 thoughts on “Tiny steps count…a lot

  1. I love the points you’ve made at the end. You are right when you say not to make drastic changes. It’s best to start with just 1 or 2 things and really work on them and then build off of them. Habit forming can be a lengthy process so it’s important to remember your big reason why to keep you motivated with changes. It’s also important to stay accountable, but not to be too hard on yourself. Good luck with your healthy habit journey! 🙂


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