Writing is not just writing


It’s much more than that. However, the main advice for writing nowadays is: “Just sit down and write“. Or “You just need to open your Word document, and stare at your computer until your eyes are tired and an idea pops out and you type“.

Of course, you need to sit down and either type on your computer or write on paper. It’s a necessary process if you want to put something into real life.

But maybe we’re focusing too much on this action.

If you want to write, don’t forget that there are also many great details that you need to consider.

  • Writing is thinking: when you’re typing, your brain is also telling you what to type. But what if you’re NOT typing? There are probably many times when you write and you don’t even know it; either in the bus, or before bedtime, or during long walks to the beach. Therefore I agree with the fact that writing is a form of meditation. You just haven’t translated these thoughts into the real world, but they’re still in your head. The more you think, the more your mind is writing.
  • Writing is feeling: I think it’s safe to say (unless you’re not a human), that we have emotions. Sometimes we laugh, other times we cry. Why do people read novels? Because they are searching for something deeply intimate that relates to them. The writer’s job is to provoke a reaction. But how can he do that? By having a reaction to his own work. We may view the writer as someone who types at 3 AM with the blankest face ever. In reality, the writer goes through a journey of emotions when he writes: laugh, disappointment, peacefulness, sadness…
  • Writing is reading: if you want to make progress, then reading is a very useful tool. Many books, comics and articles can lead you to scream out loud: “YES ! This is the piece of art I want to write !!!”. Imitation is great if you’re struggling into finding your own style. And what better way to read when you can do it wearing glasses, on a comfy sofa drinking camomille tea? (ahh, the stereotypes ^^).
  • Writing is watching: you might also want to have interest in cinema. Movies, series, animes, documentaries…you have a very wide choice. Because not only do we tend to think in words, but also in images. People’s expressions are also very important in a scenario; to describe them, you need to closely watch them.
  • Writing is listening: you hear sounds everyday. You also hear silence. Again, you should pay close attention to it if you want to describe something. Music is also a great tool, because it’s a fuel of emotions. Also, the power of songwriting should not be underestimated.
  • Writing is exploring: but what if screen and audio media isn’t enough for you? Maybe you also want to be at a particular place. Writers often do that, because they know they’ll be a witness of the scene. Maybe you just came back from Tokyo, and you feel inspired to write about a city with very bright lights. If that’s too far for you, maybe your own house can be a source of inspiration.
  • Writing is caring: you probably have a purpose in mind. Ask yourself: Why am I even writing? (or Why am I even thinking? It’s the same thing). There’s something you care about, or a story you need to tell. It doesn’t have to be profound; the sole purpose of having fun is also great.
  • Writing is existing: all the bullet points above represent the senses and the mind. Why do you want to write? Or should I say: why do you want to think/feel/explore/care etc.?

Maybe all humans are just writers. Hmm…yes, but would that make writing an average activity? Hmm…not really. Some writers are more conscious than others. If you are aware of the magical thing that we call “life”, then you’re probably already writing in your mind. And when you feel the need to deliver your voice to the world, that’s when you will “sit down and write”.


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