When quality and perfectionism are friends


Can there be a right balance between these two? When talking about producing something, we can mainly find two groups of people:

  • Those who prefer quantity over quality; do more of it, even if it’s bad.
  • Those who prefer quality over quantity: make something good, even if it takes a lot of time.

Many brands put the quality in front; cool cars, modern smartphones, efficient apps. It’s reassuring to know that.

On the other hand, the idea of “quantity” seems pejorative; for example, people who want to earn more and more money (and dreaming of being billionaires) are viewed as greedy.

So yeah…quantity is kind of negative, and quality might be the only goal. 

But the funny thing is that we sometimes don’t know how to aim quality because we don’t know how “good” is good.

a (true) short personal story:

I rejected quantity. I pointed it with my index and exclaimed: “You’re not getting in my way, you hypocrite! I’m with my friend Quality. And together we’re gonna do something fantastic! I don’t need you anymore, Quantity!!!“.

So Quantity went out, and I was left with only Quality.

Me: ok, so I have this amazing idea in mind.

Quality: ok.

Me: would you tell me if it’s good?

Quality: idk. fyi i can’t read in your mind.

Me: so, um…what should I do now?

Quality: discuss it with my friend Super-Duper Perfectionism. i’m out.

[Super-Duper Perfectionism enters]

Me: NOT….YOU !!!

Super-Duper Perfectionism: Yes. Me.

To sum up: I cared too much.

I wanted so bad my work to be good. This preoccupation led me to not enjoy what I was doing.

Before I started this blog, I had another website that had a rule: it must have a new article every week, and it must be good. So every time I sat in front of the computer to write, I would hear my heart beating fast (no joke, I know it sounds stupid and over-dramatic), not because I felt romantic, but because I was stressing over the fact that I needed to write something good. But yeah, how “good” is good? I couldn’t judge it myself.

With this blog, I took a different approach; write something everyday. Even if it sucks. I also have a journal in which I can write nonsense and it doesn’t matter (it’s a great advice to write intimately if you’re struggling with perfectionism).

And you can also have a personal blog to have more challenge; you know there’s a possibility of someone reading your article. This allows you to think more about structure, and comprehensive writing, instead of “goodness”. Some people will like it, others will not. At least you have made something, and it’s much more productive than having something stuck in your head and not letting it out because of fear of not being good enough.


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