How to put the Pro in Crastination


Are you procrastinating?


I’m also procrastinating writing this stupid post while I should be studying to pass my driving licence instead.

But you know what? (*horror music intensifies*): Procrastination is COOL !!!!!!! sometimes.

Because we all have procrastinated at least once, I guess. It’s a human thing to procrastinate.

  • Sometimes, putting something for tomorrow can be relieving. But you need to convince yourself that “tomorrow, it’ll be done. For sure”. 
  • You can also schedule your procrastination. Example:I allow myself to procrastinate at 5 pm, after all my work is done“.
  • You can procrastinate AND be productive at the same time ! Example:I’m playing a lot of video games but that’s for my culture ! I want to be a game designer when I grow up (^_^)“.

It’s funny to say that procrastination can sometimes have a good side.


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