Babymetal (the combination of two “opposite” music genres)

Music is vast. This Wikipedia page lists hundreds of different genres.

It’s a cool thing that we can find combinations of styles: the prominent ones are dance pop for example, or electronic rock, or alternative hip hop. Mixture creates originality. But I never really thought about this incredible fact until I discovered…Babymetal.


  • One one side, you have cute girl voices singing with synths and dreamy lovely melodies.
  • On the other side, you have loud brutal drums and amazing guitar riffs, a powerful message to give.

Kawaii Japanese Pop + Metal = WOW, WHAT AM I LISTENING ???!!! IT’S SO GREAT

Ok, I’ll admit that I didn’t really enjoy it the first time I listened to them. I didn’t know about Jpop culture nor metal at that time. But procrastination on Youtube led me to Megitsune, one of their singles:

First impressions were like: it looks a bit scary/who are these girls? they look very young, like 12? /i think the beat is too loud/the effects are cool though.

Well, I thought I would only listen to them once, and that would be it. But little did I know that the song was really catchy. Two weeks later I became a fan (^__^).

Thoughts about Babymetal:

  • More than a band, it’s a concept. Linking two music styles together to create a totally new genre.
  • It’s great that it attracts both pop fans and metal fans at concerts; not only “one” particular type of culture. Music unites people.
  • It has created some controversies; some metal fans criticised Babymetal because it was “ruining” the metal genre, or was just fake metal. But the concept of kawaii metal actually aims for the “rebirth of metal”.
  • I find it cool that metalheads tell that they love this band and headbang at their concert.
  • The girls (Su-metal, Yuimetal and Moametal) are so cute (*^▽^*)
  • The musicians (Kami Band) and composers put a lot of creativity in the songs, with so much energy
  • The high-pitched cute vocals are strangely in harmony with the aggressive beat.
  • So MUCH intensity
  • A new genre like Kawaii Metal creates a totally NEW EMOTION: the feeling when you have to choose between headbanging OR dancing happily. OR BOTH.

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