Questions about your life purpose


Humans are fantastically weird species; they are conscious of the future (and their death), and therefore want to achieve something in life.

You maybe, surely, certainly want something in life. It doesn’t matter if it’s saving the world, or becoming a singer, or eating a pretzel from your favourite bakery.

But when it comes to life purpose, it’s about achieving something meaningful, self-actualisation; the last step of Maslow’s pyramid.

However, it’s difficult to find a purpose if you don’t know yourself that much. I’m personally struggling to know what I actually want, and I failed many times; maybe it’s not THAT important to find a purpose right away, but I feel like the sooner the better.

Here are some questions that could help, if you also feel you’re stuck in the same situation:

Would you be okay if you stayed the same way for the rest of your life?                                              

This is wake-up call kind of question. Reflect on this for a second, then move on to question two.

What is the thing that you could do every day in your life?                                        

I prefer this question to “What do you want to be/What do you want to do?”, because it’s more precise. It’s not about a goal you need to reach, but rather a habit you’re willing to make every single day. You’re not waiting for success, you’re already in the process of success.

What struggles do you/did you have?                                                                                

This question makes you think about your past and present. Was bullying an important matter to you? Did you hate the school system that gave you mediocre lessons? Well, maybe your life purpose lies somewhere in those struggles you had. You can find a solution to those problems that affected you.

What do you want to prove to yourself?                                                                            

Now, think about yourself. You believe you’re insecure, or selfish, or bad at languages, because you remember events that made you feel that way. OR other people told you that, so you suppose it’s true. But instead of proving them wrong (they probably won’t care), prove it to yourself. One day, you will tell yourself: “I’m not actually a bad speaker, I could make a presentation in front of 50 people!” and it will probably be the best feeling in the world.

How are you going to inspire others?                                                                                

Now, think about others. You are not the only person who faced bullying, or bad grades, or lost friendships. So many people have the same worries. But is there something you can do? We tend to say you can’t change the world, but there are so many things going wrong nowadays. And there are so many things that haven’t been invented yet. You, as a citizen of Earth, get the right to inspire and help others whether by art, politics, science, education, design, and the list goes on and on.

Congratulations if you have found your life purpose. ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪ And if not, there is still time to reflect on that, and who knows, maybe it’ll punch you on the back like an evidence.



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