Sleep sacrifice?


I hate waking up early…guess I’m not an early bird. Oh, but last night I slept at 1 pm. 

That’s when I start to consider the importance of sleep.

And curiously, sleep is sometimes described as a “guilty pleasure“. For instance, the Lazy Smurf is the one who always naps. Because you know, when you sleep, you’re not doing anything, really.

Or not?

Sleeping allows you to recharge yourself and your brain. It helps you to memorise better. And, and…sometimes when you sleep, you remember your dreams, so that gives you a bonus on inspiration!

Now I understand if people who want to work hard, are willing to sacrifice a part of their sleeping time. But the overall message shouldn’t be: “If you work hard, you HAVE to sleep less“.

Yes, the normal sleeping time is 7-8 hours, and that’s a lot, but that doesn’t mean wasting time. Because the next day, you’ll have more energy; sleep can make us more productive. Isn’t that super awesome?

I used to procrastinate on sleep (instead of going to bed I would be scrolling on the internet and hating myself for doing it), until my eyes FINALLY implied me I was too tired. And next day, I felt so lazy I got up at 11 am.

Hopefully I’m slowly changing this, and here some little tips I applied to decrease sleep sacrifice:

  • Right after dinner, change yourself into your comfy pajamas and brush your teeth. So you won’t need to do it at the last minute, when you’re feeling super tired.
  • Spend time in your bedroom before you sleep, so you’re already in a calm environment.
  • Read, write, draw, listen to music…have an activity that stimulates your brain but doesn’t make you feel stressed.
  • Think in silence, or meditate, so you will be in a more peaceful situation. You can even do it lying on your bed, so it will seem like you’re already sleeping! But you’re not.
  • And…good night.

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