Honesty can be at your advantage

shyrious_honesty19I’m currently reading the manga series Liar Game, which deals with psychology and drama. In short, the characters have to play a tournament that involves money (if you lose you’re in debt); and as you might guess, there’s a lot of trickery.

That’s why I find the protagonist so interesting, because she’s the most honest person you could think of.

Nao Kanzaki is gullible, not very bright, cries a lot, is easily fooled in the beginning, BUT

this is also her strength.

Maybe I love her because I also see a bit of myself in her. I’m kinda bad at lying, and I can be easily fooled. This is the external image I give.

The world is cruel, you have to be aware of it” – mum’s words.

So many crimes. So many tentations. People cheat. People lie. Your brother just borrowed your crumpled bill in Monopoly without you even noticing.

Ok. After all, the world is truffled with obscureness and greed. We see it on the television news, on social media…doesn’t it look like humans are naturally bad?

Because of that, it seems logical to defend yourself. Have a shield. The law of the jungle is as follows: survival of the fittest. But if you’re weak, then…too bad for you.

Actually…you can survive.

Because honesty and gullibility, although viewed as flaws in a cruel world, have their own underrated powers.

Let’s list some of them:

  • If you’re honest, you are fair in your principles and actions. You’re likely to be viewed as a humble person. There’s no pretension, which is cool.
  • People are more likely to trust you.
  • You have faith in people’s actions. You trust others (+ humanity as a whole).
  • Some people like to use your weakness for their own needs? Rest assured, because it might be easier to SURPRISE THEM, as they think you’re too gullible and you will do everything they tell you.
  • Isn’t it funny? The people who laughed at your gullibility, are themselves gullible next to you!
  • You can win at games, by ACTING gullible (like Nao Kanzaki)
  • At the end of the day, truth trump lies.

oh and i also love akiyama btw


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