Why social media is good at distracting us


Not that there’s something wrong with social media. But why is it becoming an addiction?

1- The No Ending Scroll Button

Glorify UX design, for making things so simple.

Now there’s no need to click on a thousand links to have information.

You just need to swipe your thumb. And that’s it: the power of scrolling.

A cute song called “Scroll”: 

Scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll

Oh wait it’s 2 AM

Scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll

Oh no, this will never end. 

2- Envy

As human beings, it’s easy to compare ourselves to others. Social media is not doing much to help us out of this situation.

He went on vacation. Wow. She posted a sublime profile picture. Wow. They’re living the good life. Wow. But what about m…m…me?

Pictures are just a façade, and we do not get to enter the behind-the-scenes. No one’s life can be absolutely perfect.

3- Cling Cling Notifications

Let’s assume the sound of a notification is “cling”.

And one day your phone suddenly goes crazy with all its “cling cling cling cling”.

Someone has tagged you in a picture! 

Someone has commented your profile!

There’s a form of reward, the so-called Instant Gratification. We want surprise and we want to feel good about ourselves.


Fear Of Missing Out. Maybe everyone is aware of something you don’t.

I want to know what is going on !!!!!!!!!!

Twitter: check me.

5- Just boredom

You have your phone. You’re tired of Candy Crush. But the Instagram app is shining and waiting for you. Yeah, it wants you to click on it. If you didn’t, what would you do? Stare at the ceiling? Do nothing? That’s so old-fashioned nowadays.

Instagram: come on, I’ll help you to procrastinate!

These are the main reasons why I don’t go so often on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter anymore (i don’t have Snapchat). Not that I hate social media. I even wanted to be a community manager once in my life. But I found out I could waste my time in more useful ways than just scrolling pictures forever and ever (…and ever).


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