The awkward process of starting a blog

Startup Stock Photos

As a “new” member of the blogging community, I’m feeling a bit awkward about what I write. Here’s why.

1- I know nothing

There are many awesome blogs out there, that have an area of expertise. You can immediately trust the information because the author is a master of the topic.

I don’t consider myself an expert. Although the first aim of my blog was to discuss about self-improvement, I just realised that I’m not a good example. I still suck at productivity, and I’m not much of a doer type. Therefore I can’t find satisfaction in my posts because I feel a bit like I’m lying to myself. I wouldn’t want to give advice for something I didn’t even try.

2- I can’t find my voice

When starting a blog, there’s a little pressure about having something original to show. This can be a particular way of writing, or the pictures you post, or the general theme and design of your website. We want our blogs to be unique.

I can’t really find my own style yet. I prefer to follow the advice of experimenting day by day, instead of waiting for inspiration to strike. This leads to point three:

3- I will keep experimenting (and being weird and all…)

Sounds cool. But that’s when it becomes awkward. You do realise that you’re writing IN PUBLIC. But I think it’s worth it, because failure might inevitably come anyway. Do I want to write a perfect blog? No.

I promised myself to write everyday. But it’s a mental challenge, and I do want to give up sometimes. This question often pops in my head: Why do you want to blog, anyway? Is it ego driven? I hope not. Of course, I do wish my articles to be read, which is why I’m writing in public. But at the same time, I wouldn’t want my text to be taken so seriously, and there’s still so much to learn. Another reason is that I really like to write, but…sometimes I don’t feel confident. Having a blog makes me more aware of my sentences, and helps me to progress in writing. Therefore I want to keep going.


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