Annabelle and her Passion Charming (a love story)


This is a story of a princess called Annabelle. She lived happily until she discovered that…well, she needed a passion.

Prince Charming was not her sole dream anymore. No.

Nowadays, having a Passion Charming was way more trendy.

At age 16, she went to her father the King and said:

Dad, do you know how long I’ve been waiting for Passion Charming? 4 years !!! I’m tired of sitting in my room doing nothing. And all the girls in my class have found theirs.

The King looked at her sarcastically, and replied:
My dear, nothing will happen if you keep waiting. You need to PURSUE IT. FIND IT. JUST GO OUT AND FIND YOUR PASSION, FOR GOODNESS SAKE!

So Annabelle left the castle and ran for her new mission. The journey wasn’t long: the Prairie of Passion Charmings was only five minutes away from where she lived.

The field was wonderful. There were so many flowers waiting for her. But Annabelle’s real quest was to find THE ONE.

Her father’s shouting words were stuck in her head: “Find your passion, for goodness sake!

So Annabelle went and looked at each flower in the eye, mumbling remarks like:
“Hmm…not shiny enough”.

“Well, this one’s kinda nice, but I prefer blue flowers”.

“This one’s blue, but there’s not enough swag”.

Well, she couldn’t follow her father’s advice. Find passion? But how in the world could she find her passion when there were a hundred thousand flowers in the field? It would take her decades to marry the RIGHT ONE! Moreover, she has been searching for hours and still didn’t find satisfaction.

Come on, Annabelle” she thought. “People find love at first sight, don’t they?

That’s when she saw Princess Gabriela, her classmate, wandering around. Annabelle didn’t like her; she was too talented and too smart. Everybody envied her. But this time, Annabelle wanted to know her secret:

“Hey Gabriela” she exclaimed. “What are you doing?

“Me?” said Gabriela. “I’m watering the flowers”.

“But…which flower is your Passion Charming?”

She pointed to the plants that have just been watered: “These three. I thought that having many passions was as cool as just having one, so yeah”.

Annabelle became even more envious. But she did her best not to show it.

“Well, how…how lucky you are to have found love at first sight…and with three flowers that are so close to each other! You didn’t have to look very far.”

Gabriela was confused for a second. Then she hit her classmate in the shoulder with her watering can.

“You idiot!” she laughed. “So you really believed I was love-struck the first time I saw these flowers? Like a sudden illumination rushing through my veins or something?”

“Um…yes. I mean you’re talented and all…” replied Annabelle, looking shyly at the grass.

“Girl, that’s what everyone says about me. But I’ll tell you something: I’m not talented at searching for THE perfect Passion Charming. I’m talented at…gardening”.

“Ehhh? Gardening?”

Gabriela had a habit of ruffling her blonde hair when she felt proud; that’s exactly what she did now. Annabelle couldn’t stand it, but she kept quiet.

“Well, I didn’t have to search for anything. All I had to do was to water here and there. Everyday morning, I came with my watering can. In time, I was able to deduce which flowers I wanted to marry. Those were the ones that bloomed the most.”

“Uh…?” muttered Annabelle.

“Try it for yourself” replied Gabriela. “I’ll let you use my watering can, because I’m so kind”.

Annabelle began to water some flowers, the ones she thought were beautiful. The yellow one. The pink one. The orange one.

Tomorrow morning she came to the prairie. None of the flowers grew up. Annabelle kept watering them.

One week later, the orange flower stood out from the others. It blossomed a bit. Just a bit. This was enough to make Annabelle smile. She kept talking to the flower and taking care of her. Month after month. Year after year.

The tiny fragile flower became a huge flower filled with love from the sun and the water.

Annabelle found her Passion Charming. Well, actually no; she didn’t really find it, because it was there, in front of her eyes. Sometimes, she wonders how her life would have become if she didn’t take care of it. If she didn’t embrace it. If she didn’t give it a chance.

It would have stayed there, frail and delicate until someone else waters it. Or it would have died. Nobody would have cared. However, Annabelle discovered that THIS orange flower, THIS was her reason to live. Still, there are a hundred thousand flowers that remain thirsty of love. Who knows what they would become if they were taken care of, day by day for a little while…


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