Looking Down, Looking Up

There’s this expression: “Watch where you’re walking“.

The floor

  • Mind your step
  • Watch out. There’s a dog poop.
  • Be careful, the floor is wet.

I often walk looking at the floor, to be careful. Or when I’m too embarrassed to look into people’s eyes.

You can feel the floor with your shoes. You can touch it.

But can you feel what is above you?

You gazed on the floor for a little while. But then your eyes shift slowly to the top. Up and up and up. And you see this:

Blue Sky


It’s a very peaceful sky. Unlike the floor, there’s not a reminder like “Watch where you’re wal…” wait

Wouldn’t it be fun to walk in the sky? 

Wouldn’t it cool to touch the sky? 

But maybe looking up is already feeling the sky?


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