Who do you see in the mirror? Is it you?

This morning I looked at myself in the mirror…and thought:

Woah. That’s me”.

This is who I am. Then I’ll make a silly face and move on to something else.

It’s amazing to realise that you are yourself, right? Like, you are unique and irreplaceable and all. Except there are some days when you might not like yourself.

Not that amazing after all…

From time to time, I wish I could be someone else. A less insecure person. A less lazy person. A more beautiful person with less acne (no acne at all would be pretty good as well).

But then you notice that…oh well…you are you. You can’t be the cool popular classmate, or your intelligent friend, or your sister. You can only be…you.

What does it mean to be you?

After reading this super post from Wait But Why (about Neuralink, a neurotechnology founded by Elon Musk), I won’t look at the mirror the same way.

Because…forget your clothes, your body, your face, everything “external”. Take them off. Travel through the layers one by one, until you reach your brain.

I really like this metaphor from the blog post:

You look in the mirror and see your body and your face and you think that’s you—but that’s really just the machine you’re riding in. What you actually are is a zany-looking ball of jello. I hope that’s okay.

Yes, you read it right: jello. That’s because putting your brain on a table would flatten it out (like a jellyfish). This thought made me a bit confused, because we don’t normally think of our brain of something so, um…jellylike.

It’s kinda creepy that we live inside ourselves, but we don’t even see ourselves!

We only fixate on what’s covering it, though. But what about the real, real you?

Neuralink and the Brain’s Magical Future: amazing (very) long post about the mind blowing future that is about to happen. Imagine inserting micro chips into our brains, so that we could access information instantly and communicate by telepathy. How would you feel about it?


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